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The organized public pebbled beach extends to the one of Ixia and even reaches the neighboring village of Kremasti; it also alternate with the private hotel beaches.
Everything in Ialissos is highly organized, a long and clean beach, with swimming pools and chilled gardens just behind, some of the best hotels in Greece, with tennis courts and lots of facilities, restaurants, cafeterias and bars, tourist shops selling souvenirs and supermarkets.

You can accommodate in one of the numerous luxurious hotels along the beach, or in the lovely neoclassical mansions belonging to the inhabitants of Ialissos.

 - Pylea Hotel

Everything contributes to your perfect holiday is Ialissos – even the climate is particularly cool and enjoyable, especially because of the wind called “meltemia”.
Ialissos is the perfect place if you are looking for a nice swimming and surfing spot, with excellent tourist facilities.
If you did not bring your equipment, but you want to try your hand for the water activities, there are lots of place to hire one.


  • The Street of Knights 8.8 km
  • Aquarium of Rhodos 9 km
  • Rhodes International Airport 4.2 km